Why you Should Change Your Meditation Strategy Season to Season?

Why you Should Change Your Meditation Strategy Season to Season?

Why you Should Change Your Meditation Strategy Season to Season? There are many different forms of meditation. I like to break them down into three main categories with each of those having sub-categories. In this article I will list the different areas of meditation. Also I will show you why it is important to change your meditation strategy season to season.

The main categories are:

• Ritual practices (consistent daily practices you perform)

• Active Meditations (these are practices you can work in to your day and can be done in as little as 2-3 minutes)

• Philosophical meditations (these can be used both as active or ritual practices)

Then with in each of these categories you will have movement meditations, still meditations, reset meditations and programming meditations.

Many people think you meditate by sitting quietly or listening to relaxing music and trying to quiet the mind. While yes these can be forms of meditation; it is vital for your success that you understand what these meditation practices are accomplishing.

Some meditation practices will help you to reach deep levels of peace and quiet. These are referred to as Yin oriented practices. Yin meditation methods will help to reach deep levels of awareness and are the most complex of the meditation strategies.

Yang meditation practices are more aggressive. They will help you build strength, physically, mentally and emotionally.

As you build a meditation program for yourself it is important to understand how these practices are different and why they are used.

When you are having a stressful day at work resets can help you maintain balance. You can do a 3-5 minute meditation reset to help calm down and find your center, but you need to understand which one you should use? If you use an aggressive active meditation to build the yang energy this can elevate your stress levels. When what would be best is to use a yin oriented method to calm down.  

If you are demotivated and maybe feeling depressed and then use a yin oriented meditation this could be negative as well. In this situation you would want to use and active physical or philosophical reset. This will help to build your energy and focus to stay positive through the rest of your day.

These are simplistic examples, but you can see that with meditation not every practice is the same or used for the same outcome.

Why you Should Change Your Meditation Strategy Season to Season?Why you should change your meditation strategy season to season?

If you are considering taking up meditation or already have a practice this is important to understand.

There are Yin oriented meditation methods that will help you to reach very deep levels of meditation. When practicing these methods they can deplete your immune system and make you more susceptible to getting sick. So in the late fall and winter season these would not be the best methods to practice.

When doing deep yin style meditations it is best to start in the spring and continue in to the summer and in to the early fall.

During the fall and wintertime it is better to adjust your meditations and breathing to be more Yang oriented. This will help you to build your immune system and keep you healthier through the flu season.

Hopefully these ideas will give you a brief understanding as to why it is important to adjust your practice. Keep in mind though, it is equally important to have a clear understanding of why you are meditating. While staying focused on the results you want to get from your meditation practice.

Be clear and understand what results you want to attain with meditation. It will make it easier to build a meditation program that will help you reach your goals with the least amount of effort.

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Meditation Strategies of the mind

Meditation Strategies Meditation Strategies . “A way can be a guide, but not a fixed path; names can be given, but not permanent labels.
Non-being is called the beginning of heaven and earth; being is called the mother of all things.
Always passionless, thereby observe the subtle; ever intent, thereby observe the apparent.
These two come from the same source but differ in name;
both are considered mysteries. The mystery of mysteries is the gateway of marvels.”


Meditation Strategies 

In this ancient writing you will find words of wisdom that can be used in many different ways. In this article we will break down this saying and talk about some of the hidden meanings behind the words. This Saying comes from the Dao De Jing; there are eighty one sayings in this series of lessons.
These words have been studied for hundreds of years and have personally given many beneficial insights to me. Through these words of wisdom it has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of Chinese philosophy. It has also given me more depth in the development of my meditation practice and enhanced my life in many ways.
Almost 30 years ago one of my meditation teachers had me start memorizing a few of the sayings from the Dao De Jing. I really liked what they had to offer so I took it upon myself to memorize the entire 81 sayings in the series. It took about two and a half to three years to memorize the series and I continued to mentally go through them every day for about 12 years.
Because they have brought so many benefits to my life I want to share some of this wisdom with you.
One of the things that keeps me inspired by this knowledge is that it continues to offer deeper realizations as time passes. As you read this saying today it will give you ideas and provoke thoughts for whatever stage of understanding you are capable of at this time. As you continue to grow and develop so too will your understanding of this text.

Meditation StrategiesMeditation Philosophy

“A way can be a guide, but not a fixed path; names can be given, but not permanent labels.”
There are so many directions life takes us, some positive and others may not be so positive. Having the understanding that every road you travel can be temporary is important. There is almost always the freedom to change directions and follow another path.
As you decide to follow these different paths in your life your perception of yourself will often change. Those around you will also see you in a different light as well.


“Nonbeing is called the beginning of heaven and earth; being is called the mother of all things.”
Wu Ji is a term to describe nothingness. No extremity. This is the state of undifferentiated emptiness before a beginning. As soon as there is a beginning or a movement, there is differentiation and opposites, and this is called Taiji. Taiji is the Grand ultimate. The state in which opposites (known as yin and yang) are generated. It is from this place that everything exists.

“Always passionless, thereby observe the subtle; ever intent, thereby observe the apparent.”
It is through keeping a clear mind that our vision is open. When the mind is distracted it is easy to lose track of the simple treasures that are brought before us every day.

“These two come from the same source but differ in name;
both are considered mysteries. The mystery of mysteries is the gateway of marvels.”
Everyone is looking for happiness in one form or another. There are many distractions in this world that will claim to offer this to you. The true gold is so simple that most cannot see it.
There are endless potential hours of application using these ideas. Whether you are practicing a form of meditation or not, take time to evaluate these words and see what they mean to you at this point in time.
For more information on how to build a meditation program that will fit your lifestyle and offer you endless benefits, check out The Meditation Mastery Plan.

Tai Chi for Alzheimer’s

Tai Chi for Alzheimer’s

Tai Chi for Alzheimer’s. There are many benefits that come from practicing the meditative arts. They range from reduced stress, increased focus, mental and emotional stability, peace of mind, higher levels of energy and the list goes on.

When I learned that you could also help prevent and cure the symptoms of Alzheimer’s by practicing tai chi I was a bit surprised. Not because I did not think it was possible, but because I have been involved with the practice for over 30 years and have never heard of it being used for this purpose.


Tai Chi for Alzheimer’s

Tai chi, qigong and meditation training involves deep breathing exercises. By practicing the many different breathing exercises you build healthy lungs that can be used more effectively.


Why do you Meditate?

Why do you Meditate?Why do you Meditate? I have been studying the meditative arts for 27 years. It has become a major part of my life and those around me know how passionate I am about the practice.

Often when family, friends and students talk about me this becomes part of the conversation. So when I am introduced to new people through my personal acquaintances a question I am often asked is “Why do you meditate?”

There are hundreds of benefits you will experience by using meditation. So this could be a lengthy conversation, but often I will say, “There are so many benefits from meditation, but if all meditation offered was the concept of yielding it would make me want to continue the practice.”

Yielding can be used in so many ways. In this article I will list a few to give you an idea of how powerful this practice can be.

The 3 Main Areas of Yielding

1- Physical

2- Mental

3- Emotional


Turtle Shell Breathing

Turtle Shell BreathingTurtle Shell Breathing is the first level of breathing to condition the body for martial arts training. By practicing this breathing style you will be able to take strikes to the body with out being injured.

To make the torso this powerful takes about 3 years of consistent daily practice and many hours of training.

So if you do not want to be a martial arts master why should your practice turtle breathing?

Here a few reasons this practice is worth the time and effort. It will build the energy (Chi or Qi) circulation in the body and will strengthen the immune system. It will also increase your energy level and your ability to focus.

Developing the sensitivity of this practice will aid in building the awareness. It will also enhance the focus needed to do many other meditative practices.