3 Minute Meditation That Will Change your Life…

3 minute meditationThe most common reason that keeps people from starting a meditation practice is the belief that they do not have enough time. This 3 minute meditation will show you how time can never be an excuse again.

Everyone has enough time to implement simple active meditation practices in to their life. Active meditations can be done in as little as 3 minutes and will offer endless benefits.

Listen to what a few meditation practitioners had to say about using these simple easy to apply meditation techniques:



“Before I started meditating, I was a mess. My job, living situation, and relationships were all in shambles. I knew I needed a fresh start. I set goals for myself to simplify, but I was still finding myself incredibly scattered mentally.”

“The growth I went through was interesting. Breath training changed me almost immediately. Once you’ve experienced being able to control your state of mind and stress level It’s incredible how free you feel. Anxiety and self-doubts faded and then were gone. There was no therapy involved. I wasn’t even directly intending to change those issues. I didn’t even really know they were something you could change. But then, just by learning to pay deeper attention to what’s really happening and learning how to guide my breath and movement my normal state became calm, at ease. I laugh freely now, even in stressful circumstances.”


“I’ve used meditative breathing techniques to reduce stress at work and at home on multiple occasions. In this day and age we are constantly being bombarded with information and media. Meditation is a great way to unplug and avoid sensory overload.”


As you can see by these examples meditation can offer many different benefits.

In this article I am going to teach you a basic active meditation that is great to help you find your center, reducing stress and releasing tension.

3 minute meditation

This 3 minute meditation is performed with these simple steps:

1- Location. Anywhere will work and after you have perfected this practice you will find it easy to do in public places as well. The movement in this practice is very subtle so subtle you could be standing next to someone waiting in line at your bank and they would not even know you are using this practice.

That said in the beginning is good to do this as much as possible where you will not be disturbed. It will take a little bit of effort to build the coordination and awareness to experience deeper results.

Once you have the done the meditation for a while it will be easy to use anywhere.

2- Position. You can perform this exercise either in a sitting or standing position.

If sitting make sure you are comfortable and can sit with an erect spine using the least amount of effort possible.

If standing position your feet about hip width apart and parallel. The knees should be slightly bent and as with the sitting position the spine should be relaxed and erect.

3- Breath. Use a natural deep relaxed breath. Inhale and fill the lungs as full as you can without building tension anywhere in the body. Then exhale keeping good alignment and letting all of the muscles in the body sink and relax.

4- Circulation. First establish a relaxed rhythm with your breath. Then at the beginning of your next inhale starting at your tail bone make a soft wave travel up the spine one vertebra at a time all the way to your skull.

Then as you exhale sink letting go of any tension in the body but still maintaining your correct alignment.

5- Duration and repetition. This can be used as a daily reset performing every hour for 2-3 minutes at a time.

It can also be used for longer periods if you have a little extra time or just want to get develop a deeper awareness with your practice.


This is one of many active meditation or reset practices you will learn here with meditation insights.

The awesome thing about these practices is that you can use them to maintain balance throughout the day. If you are stressed you can use a relaxing or centering reset. If you are in need of inspiration or focus you can use an energizing or mental reprogramming reset.

There are hundreds of these reset practices so it is easy to find one that will work for you to help you find balance where ever it is needed.

To learn more about resets or building a meditation program that will fit your life style check out the Meditation Mastery Plan and enter your name and email for a few free video lessons.


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