6 Steps to Successful Self-Motivating Routines

self-motivating routines with meditationHow many times have you had an inspiration, an idea or something you wanted to do, but never followed through and made it a reality?
Maybe you told yourself I will do it tomorrow, or someday that would be great.

Often what holds us back is our lack of confidence in what it may take to accomplish or be successful with this new adventure or direction in life.

In psychology there is a phrase called the confidence-competence loop.
If you do not ever take action you will never gain the confidence to achieve or develop high levels of competence with anything in life.
Lets take a look at a task most of us do well. Like riding a bike. More often than not this is a simple task that involves no fear at all. So if I were to hand you a bicycle you would get on and take it for spin with out even thinking twice about it. But if I gave you a unicycle instead, fear would often set in and many of us would not even give it a try.

The only way to over come this fear is to get on and practice. We may fail ten times, one hundred times, but eventually we learn to ride and confidence would set in.

This displays how action leads to us overcoming our fears and is the starting point for developing competence in this skill.

What ever your goals, start with action to increase your competence and the confidence will follow.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your action and build your confidence with self-motivating routines:


1-Have fun, play more and make time to laugh. Remember when you were a kid? Anything thing that sounded like fun you did unless you were told not to by your parents and even then… The fact is that you did not hold back if you wanted to go ride your bike or say hi the new kid down the street you just did it. Try to remember that freedom, experience it and live it.

2-Acknowledge your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs hold many people back from achieving success and happiness in their lives. A simple trick you can do is put your beliefs to a test. Ask yourself is this belief true for everyone in the world? If others are not held back by this belief that is weighing on you then chances are it can be let go of.

3-It is ok to fail. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you are afraid to fail you will rarely ever find anything worth value. Failure builds strength, experience and confidence it is a good thing.

4-Train yourself to finish what you start. If you begin an 8 week class to help you with your fitness commit to finishing the coarse. Give it 100% effort and finish with pride. You may find that you did not like the class at the end of the 8 weeks, but you will never know if you do not try. Often if you quit too early you will miss out on things that could offer value and happiness that you will never get to see if you develop a quitting attitude. BE A FINISHER…

5-Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take small steps, find success and move to bigger accomplishments. If you are not a runner it is not wise to say I am going to run a marathon next month. Start a routine, be consistent and find out if you like to run then start taking steps towards bigger events.

6-One last but important step. Remember to reward yourself for your efforts. All to often we fall in to a “funk” and get down on our selves when something goes wrong or we fail at something. If you get in the habit of acknowledging your accomplishments and rewarding your efforts it is easier to power through these road bumps that we all will run in to.


self-motivating routines with meditation


Print out this blog post and answer the questions on the work sheet below. You can have more than one answer for each question and if you do it today you may want to run through it again in a week or a month. I hope you get some great results from the practice and start developing self-motivating routines that help you to achieve more.


1-What changes are you going to make to increase the fun/play time in your life?

2-List any limiting beliefs you are aware of at this point in time.

3-What is something you can do today or this week to step out of your comfort zone?


4-What is something you have wanted to finish, but have not yet completed?


5-Set at least one realistic short-term goal that you can complete with in the next two months.


6-What is something you have completed in the last year that you are proud of?


For more great tips on how to develop your awareness and build self-motivating routines in to your life check out the Meditation Mastery Plan.


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