An Introduction to Developing Deep Body Awareness With Meditation

body awareness with meditationBy having body awareness with meditation you will enable yourself to focus deeply and apply your energies towards growth rather than simply maintenance. Having a healthy body is a critical foundation for having a healthy mind, healthy emotions and a healthy spiritual life. The first stage of training the body is to develop correct posture and alignment. Without correct posture and alignment you will be in a constant state of instability. Instability can lead to distractions and injuries.

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to maintain proper alignment. Your spine should be erect and alive. Alive means that all of the joints along your spine, from your tailbone to your skull, should be open but soft. When describing movements of the spine we will often refer to the spine as a bow. The movement of this bow can generate power throughout the body. When using the spine bow for movements it should be strong, flexible and coordinated in order to move with correct structure.

In addition to the spine bow, you also have a chest bow. To activate your chest bow roll your shoulders forward then arch them back. This will show you the range of movement of your chest bow. Just as with the spine bow, movement of the chest bow can be used to generate power. It is important to have a good awareness of this bow when performing still meditations so that you are able to find a good balance in your posture. This will help you to get the most benefit from your meditation.


Developing Body Awareness with Meditation


One of the first and most important things to condition is your spine. This is essential to having a healthy energetic life. Using spinal conditioning you can increase your awareness and control and build strength both physically and energetically. The second stage of training the body involves keeping it strong and flexible. You will learn some exercises to increase strength and stamina as well as some easy to apply movements to keep your body open and flexible.

body awareness with meditationThis program will give you several options for beginning a sitting practice as well as techniques for building this practice into a deep and profound part of your development. Sitting meditations can be used to develop stillness and find your center. They are also used for leading energy for specific desired outcomes and to increase or build a strong circulation of energy within the body.

Standing meditations are the quickest way to build strong yang energy in the body. Yang energy is aggressive. It drives creativity, strengthens your immune system and helps to build momentum in your training. Standing meditations are a great tool to use to keep your meditation training moving forward. To learn more about different standing forms and help you choose the best postures for your current ability check out the Meditation Mastery Plan.

Walking meditations cultivate awareness through movement. If you can learn to maintain your balance you will be able to build and store your energy. This program contains several different walking meditation patterns designed to build awareness through your movements. These meditations will help you to notice the subtle energetic movements in the body and to develop an awareness of the constant weight transfers you are performing so that you can move through your day relaxed and grounded.
These are some of the tools that will help you build awareness in the body and cultivate a deep profound meditation practice. Check out the Meditation Mastery Plan and try it out risk free for 30 days. I guarantee it will give you the tools you will need to develop a successful life altering meditation practice.

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