Build your Immune system increase your energy and reach deeper levels of meditation

Increase your energy Increase your energy. Abdominal massage is a simple practice that will deliver fast and powerful benefits. By using massage and breathing techniques you will become more energized, fight off sickness and increase your awareness of energy circulation in the body.

Abdominal massage is a technique using the false dan tien to generate energy that you can lead to other areas in the body. The false dan tien is the front area of your stomach. The reason it can be a good place to generate energy is that there are six layers of muscle, fat and fascia. The fascia being a good conductor of energy and the muscle being a poor conductor it is like a naturally built human battery.

Once the energy is accumulated in the false dan tien you can lead the energy to your real dan tien located in the center of your abdomen. It is basically your large and small intestines. This is the main energy center in the body and can store high levels of energy when conditioned.

You can also lead the energy to yin vessels in the legs this is good for physical endurance as well as building your root and foundation.

Lastly you can lead the energy to the upper dan tien to reach deeper levels of meditation. It is believed that if you can send enough energy to your upper dan tien you can re-open the third eye and reach enlightenment.

Increase your energy Now let’s look at how you can start your practice to Increase your energy

This practice is best to do with a partner, because it allows you to be fully relaxed while being massaged. It can also be done as a solo practice, which is where we will spend most of our time in this article. It is difficult to find someone who can make the commitment to help with our daily training so a solo practice is easier to keep consistent.

Start lying down. The head should be slightly lifted off the floor allowing your spine to be straight.

Place one palm over the other and circle the hands from the right to left at the top of the circle. So on the down stroke of your circle you will be moving away from the heart. The lower hand is relaxed and the top hand is applying pressure.

To add more depth to the massage and reach deeper levels of muscle and fascia the second hand position using the heel of the lower hand will penetrate further.

For even deeper massage turn your wrist sideways thumb side down.

Move slowly and pay attention to every sensation you feel through the movement.

Exhale, as your hands are moving down away from the heart. If you are moving faster than your breath you can do two breaths per circle while still exhaling, as the palms are moving down.

Use different leg positions to reach different areas of the abdomen. You can have the legs:


Bent with your feet on the floor

One leg bent

Both legs bent and knees to one side and

One or both feet elevated

By moving the legs you activate different areas of the abdomen and allow your hands to penetrate different depths and angles with your massage.

By pulling your perineum up slightly while massaging you will store the energy in the real dan tien.

If you feel the energy getting too strong or uncomfortable you can push out the perineum and the energy will move down the legs.

How to start the practice to Increase your energy

Start this practice by doing about 10-15 minutes a day. Start slowly and make sure to listen closely to what is happening. If you feel any discomfort stop the practice push out the perineum and visualize the energy running down the legs and out through the feet.

At the end of your practice lay in stillness for at least 2-3 minutes or as long as you like and observe the energetic movement in the body as you start to settle and relax.

If you have heart problems make sure to consult with a physician before starting this practice. If you are menstruating or pregnant do not do this practice.

This is a great way to build up your yang energy and give you more depth in your meditation training. If you are interested in learning deeper levels of this practice check out The Meditation Mastery Plan will show you how to build a strong foundation. Teaching you how to Increase your energy with your meditation practice. It will also educate you on how and why you should be doing different meditation practices to reach your goals with the training.

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