A Good and Moral Life Through Meditation

Moral life through MeditationA Moral life through Meditation

According to Plato the human soul strives for three things: wisdom, conquest and gratification. Plato believed that a righteous life is controlled by reason and all three of these elements help one to live a good moral life. Plato’s metaphor of humans living chained in a dimly lit cave facing a blank wall with fire at our back, means to see the truth of reality one needs to turn away from the wall and its shadows escaping the cave.
“Anyone who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light,” Plato commented.
You will often here the comments “I see the light” or “That was an enlightening moment”. Having a moment of clarity and witnessing a true reality offers a solid foundation for making the right choice to create a good and moral life.

Anyone who is in search of this life needs to understand these three elements that will deepen your awareness and develop a deep profound quality of life.

1- Purpose: I remember talking with one of my long time meditation teachers. He asked: How are things? I was going through many struggles that were causing mental and emotional stress. He said in a caring voice “That’s life”. During those times of struggle and uncertainty it is essential that we continue to find peace and gratification in all of the reasons we continue to commit to endure.
2- Contemplation: Self-awareness is part of who we are. Depending on how hectic your life is and what rituals you participate in will have a major influence on what your level of self-awareness will be. Remember to leave time to reflect inwards. Often the most valuable times are the simplest ones learn to appreciate the silence. I was just up in Vancouver, BC visiting a meditation teacher of mine. Part of his daily ritual is to have afternoon tea. What I always like about this time is the quiet. Yes there is conversation involved, but there are also times where 5 maybe 10 minutes will go by where we sit comfortably in silence and sip out tea. Simple things such as this offer great value and depth in your personal self-awareness.
3- Value: Often the most important decisions any of us make are choices about what we value. Determining your values is one of the keys to living with inspiration and realizing your true destiny.
There are so many scenes in our life that will be important for self-reflection. If you take the time to analyze the scenario and how the results came out it will bring ease and comfort:

Moral life through MeditationWhat happened?

How did you feel?

What were your thoughts?

How did others feel that were involved?

Did you respond according to your highest values?

These are all questions that will help you to observe the situation. It is so easy in our busy life’s to let these moments pass us by and miss the invaluable opportunity to grow and learn from everything life has to offer. Living a good and moral life means to be able to make wise choices. Moving through the scenes in your life reaching a comfortable reality with your values is essential to your happiness. There is a Shaolin saying I like “Like a new plan, it shall grow and mature, blooming with fresh flowers and new fruit”.

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