You Will See Immediate Positive Results With This Simple Meditation Technique

simple meditationIn the beginning, it is best to use this practice as a meditation but the goal with this practice is to make it part of your life. Once you have been through the steps enough, it will soon be easy to do this practice anywhere. Your ultimate goal is to be practicing the inner smile subconsciously. This is when you will experience the most benefits of this practice. It is a simple meditation that produces amazing results with regard to relaxation, stress reduction and tension relief. The energetic shift alone is reason enough to make this practice part of your day. The intent of a smile brings warmth to the body and mind, placing you in a more positive mind set. It is difficult to have a genuine smile and not some sense of happiness and ease. (more…)

The Beginners Guide to Personal Goal Setting

personal goal settingBeing an instructor for almost 30 years I have worked with thousands of students in many areas of self-improvement. One of the most common mistakes people seem to make over and over again is not having a clear understanding of how to make and follow through with personal goal setting and accomplishing more of what they desire.
When you ask most people they will tell you that they have goals. Then when you ask them if they have written their goals down 90-95% have not. This is one of the most important steps with being able to follow through with your goals. Many of these people will have heard and even know this to be true yet they do not make it happen.
Part of writing down your goals will become easier as they build momentum with this practice. But from years of teaching others I have found that most people have never been taught how to write effective goals. (more…)

5 Reasons to Start Meditation Now

buddha-sunset start meditation1- Create a deeper sense of awareness

Meditation expands your internal awareness helping you to fully experience the present moment. So much of our time is caught up in the hustle of our busy lives that we rarely get to enjoy the moment.

Remember when you were a child and the days seemed to last forever? Kids naturally live more in the present than most adults. Their minds are not distracted by the many obligations, relationship maintenance and anticipation of the future to come. It used to be so simple to notice the smell of the spring flowers and feel the heat from the summer sun.

Meditation helps you to be more in touch with the present. You will find it easier to enjoy life and all of the small gifts it presents us with everyday. (more…)

Are There Any Signs of Spiritual Progress With Meditation?

spiritual progress with meditationThere is no end product in meditation. And, meditation is not meant to bring you to a final destination. Instead, it brings you within sight of your true consciousness. This means that you should not consider measuring spiritual progress with meditation as that can lead to a sense of doubt or confusion.


Consider the following tale:


Sleep and Dream Training With Meditation

Sleep and dream training with meditation

Sleep and Dream Training with Meditation

In this article you will learn a few great practices to help with developing good Sleep and Dream Training techniques. Learn some breathing tricks to help you fall asleep faster and learn how to remember our dreams. We will also work with strategies to listen and understand what our dreams have to offer. Briefly we will show you how you can experience lucid dreams on demand and start a successful dream practice. Lets get started. (more…)