An Introduction to Developing Deep Body Awareness With Meditation

body awareness with meditationBy having body awareness with meditation you will enable yourself to focus deeply and apply your energies towards growth rather than simply maintenance. Having a healthy body is a critical foundation for having a healthy mind, healthy emotions and a healthy spiritual life. The first stage of training the body is to develop correct posture and alignment. Without correct posture and alignment you will be in a constant state of instability. Instability can lead to distractions and injuries. (more…)

Treating High Blood pressure with Meditation

Treating high blood pressure with meditation is easy you are not solely limited to the use of drugs. You can lower your blood pressure naturally. Meditation has been proven to have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure.

Treating high blood pressure with MeditationAlways try the natural methods like meditation, diet and life style adjustments before having to rely on medication which often can have negative side effects. Now please do not read this and think you can stop taking your medication and follow these recommendations and everything will be better. Make sure if you are on medication to talk with your doctor and let him know that you are starting to make some life adjustments with meditation, diet and activities and he will help you monitor how you are doing and hopefully can slowly decrease the medication you are on and very possibly quit taking it all together.
About 50 million adults in the United States alone are living with high blood pressure/hypertension. When left untreated this can damage the kidneys, lead to heart attack, or stroke and even heart failure. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and the simple practice of mindfulness and meditation can reduce your chance significantly helping to keep you healthy and strong well in to your later years. (more…)

Meditation and Mindfulness Changing Our Children’s Future

meditation and mindfulnessHow many children do you know that would fit the definition of “zen”, “calm” or “meditation”? In fact most children you know are probably the furthest possible image in your mind when you think about the practice of meditation. There are a large number of parents schooling their children in the art of meditation and mindfulness relaxation techniques.

Kimberly Workman of Portland, OR said her seven year old son and six year old daughter have been practicing meditation in their martial arts class twice a week and doing yoga sessions at their grade school.

These are short sessions the children do not have the attention span to sit for an hour. The results from just a few minutes of silence are extremely powerful especially when it becomes part of their routine. I have seen firsthand changes in their behavior, attention and the ability to focus better on their homework.

When you are able to slow down even for a few minutes while staying alert it allows your brain to slow down and observe your surroundings with more attention and awareness. This ability to be more present or in the moment will have a positive effect on almost everything you do in life.

This idea of teaching meditation to children is gaining some good momentum. Schools around the nation are starting to catch on to the benefits of this practice and are educating parents and children about how powerful this practice can be. There are many programs out there that will help get you started with a meditation practice that will work for both you and your children.
Programs such as “The Meditation Mastery Plan” are great and will teach you how to build an evolving practice that can fit any life style.

One of the most important things to understand when starting a meditation program both yourself or your children is finding techniques and meditation strategies that fit your interest and can work in to your schedule.

As a meditation teacher for almost 30 years I have heard thousands of excuses as to why people do not practice meditation. One of the most common reasons is that they feel they do not have enough time. (more…)

Will Meditation Make You a Happier Person?

Will meditation make you a happier?Will meditation make you a happier person? This is a very complex question because it has to start with a reminder about the mind. This is the part of you that has been given to you by society and which can often control your life. Your mind may be the thing telling you that you are unhappy because you are, or are not, something or someone you should, or shouldn’t, be. (more…)

Healing Through Meditation

Topics covered in Healing Through Meditation

healing through meditation • What is healing through meditation?
• Understanding how it works
• The preparation process
• Exploring your inner self with meditation
• Healing your mind through meditation
• Healing your body through meditation
• Using different styles of meditative healing
• Benefits of meditation for healing (more…)