How Meditation can be the Secret to your Success!

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Meditation the Secret Fuel!

Whether you are a successful executive, small business owner or in a position of leadership meditation will help you develop the many traits you will need to build your success. To excel in any of these areas you need to have focus, patience, confidence, foresight, compassion, be able to handle pressure and maintain a calm focused composure, creativity, have a good memory, know how to yield both mentally and emotionally and have the ability to see things from many different angles.

Building the Perfect Strategy and Mindset For a Successful Meditation Life Style

iStock_000016105229_FullLet’s take a look at the idea of a meditation life style to see how and why we can use the practice to get a variety of different outcomes. When putting together a strategy for a successful meditation practice it is important to know where you will get the most out of your efforts. The first thing to do will be to ask yourself the question: What do I want to get from the training? Once this has been established you will be able to set a plan to most effectively help you reach your goals. This is important because there are many directions and approaches to the training.

Balance Your Kan (Water) and Lii (Fire)to Live a Longer Vibrant Life

Meditation trainingKan and Lii
Kan and Lii have been an important part of qigong training for many generations. Kan represents water and Lii represents fire. Therefore kan is yin, lii is yang.

It is believed by qigong practitioners that everyone has excess yang energy and this is why there are so many yin oriented qigong exercises. The exception is if someone is sick then they may have excess yin.

Excess yang is thought to play a large role in the aging process. If you can prevent excess yang you can slow down the aging process living stronger and healthier life. (more…)

There Are 1440 Minutes In The Day Are You Using Them Wisely?

Meditation locationsIf you are following this blog you have seen many examples of how the benefits of meditation are enhancing peoples lives. You have also heard me say before that peoples biggest excuse not to meditate is that they do not have enough time. How many minutes every day do you sit in front of the TV, on Facebook or surfing the web? Most who say they do not have the time just need to prioritize what it is that they are doing with their time.

We have looked at some active meditations in previous blog posts that take as little as 2-3 minutes that you can work in to your day and will offer many benefits. Sometimes these active meditations can be used as a gateway to building a more in depth meditation practice. (more…)

What To Do When You Just Can’t Silence Your Mind

meditation breathingWhen hearing people talk about meditation they will often say that the goal is to silence your mind when practicing. This takes practice and time, but with this simple exercise you will learn how to slow down the mind and get to a peaceful state.

Often if you are new to this practice it may be a bit uncomfortable to let the mind be at rest or quiet. So as you start this practice begin with 5-10 minutes and when this is comfortable move to longer periods of time if you like.

Once you have developed this skill you can use this anytime and anywhere. Maybe you need to focus before a big presentation or are feeling anxious or maybe you are having difficulty sleeping this exercise will give you the tools you need to find the needed relaxation to accomplish what needs to be done. (more…)