Part 1 – In the 7 steps to starting a successful meditation program


The first step


Developing the right mindset is essential for you to find success with your meditation program. Having the right mindset means to have a clear understanding of all of the mental and emotional realizations and transformations that are needed in order to have a fulfilling practice and reach your goals with the training.

Meditation program

When beginning your meditation planning the first and very important step is to clearly understand WHY you are taking up this practice. What is it that sparked your interest? What benefits are you working towards? And what is your vision of how things will be when you have achieved success with your practice? This is important because it is so easy to become distracted and lose consistency when starting anything new.


By having a clear understanding of your “why” or what your purpose is will give you positive momentum to stay strong with your development? What is it that is driving you to follow through with your goals remember to be clear and specific?


To experience internal motivation and keep your momentum moving forward through the ups and downs it is crucial to have a meaningful “Why”. Coming back to this purpose will often give you the strength needed to achieve what you set out to do. If you have a heart felt meaningful why, you will be much more driven and motivated to push through the many struggles that will follow and succeed with your goals.


A few examples of meaningful Why’s with your meditation program:


1- Building healthy relationships

2- Learning how to deal with stress

3- Wanting to become more present

4- Learning how to control anger

5- Becoming more focused

6- Finding creative inspiration

7- Spiritual growth

8- Finding peace

9- Being in tune with emotional triggers and knowing how to respond to them


meditation program


These are just a few examples of hundreds. The idea is to be honest with yourself and find the most meaningful why for you. It might be that there is only one motivation that drives you to become successful or maybe you have many this is not what is important.


The most powerful “whys” are the ones that hit closest to home.


If you have found success with using this strategy with your meditation practice and would like to learn more about building your own meditation program enter your Click Here to learn how to build the perfect meditation program for you.



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