The Ultimate Detox: Qigong

The Ultimate DetoxThe Ultimate Detox. It seems like there is always some new fad over how to “Lose Five Pounds Fast!” or “Get Clear Skin with this Juice Cleanse Diet!” Over and over, so-called miracle regimens and pills promise to give you something that you have to work for: good health.

The human body is so incredibly complex and just plain finicky–one problem always seems to lead to another. I mean, who has time to actively focus on strengthening or improving the whole thing? What workout routine emphasizes your kidneys, or lymphatic system? Qigong. That’s what.

The Ultimate Detox

Qigong is a traditional practice within the martial arts field. For those of you who have never practiced Qigong, imagine an elaborated meditation. Where instead of complete stillness the idea is to repeat a set series of full-body movements and postures. A centered focus on breathing is a core part of the practice and functions as both a physical and mental exercise.

Generally, the traditional thought behind the practice is that illness can be prevented. By developing a good internal energy flow, or “qi” your immune system will become stronger than ever before. Energy that is blocked, condensed, or still can either cause or contribute to disease or pain. The movements of Qigong were structured so as to create and maintain consistent energy flow throughout the body.

The Ultimate DetoxQigong  “The Root of Detoxification”

This flow can be targeted at certain areas of the body with particular positions. There’s one for detoxing the liver, easing the stomach, bolstering connective tissues, and even strengthening your teeth. The incredible thing about Qigong is that even though a position’s focus can be so specific, it uses the entire body. To hold a position or posture–meaning that no part of the body will be neglected or forgotten. Regular practice is intended to heal individual issues and the collective whole body. Studies show that anything from joint pain, to the effects of chemotherapy, to heroin addiction have been (at least partially) lessened by consistent practice and dedication.

It is this last note, dedication, that really makes the difference. Even though one’s health may improve after a short time of practice, the longevity of the good energy flow depends entirely on how one practices. This is where the second part of the “Qigong” comes in: “gong.” It roughly translates into “discipline,” or “work.” Thus, the very word of Qigong embodies its function: to work so as to develop one’s energy.
Qigong is a practice that will strengthen your body and mind over time. It is more than a temporary fad detox–it is a lifetime cleanse. If you’re at all interested in working on improving your whole health, I suggest you start with Qigong and start now.

Learn how to Detox using Qigong with Meditation Insights


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