Using Nei-gong to Develop a Deep Meditation Practice

A Deep Meditation Practice with Nei-gong. Nei-gong is a traDeep Meditation Practiceditional Chinese art of developing more Qi (energy) and increasing your bodies circulation of Qi. Consistent practice of Nei-gong is part of the process of internal alchemy and resulting in the cultivation of the “Three Treasures”.
The Three Treasures are Essence, Energy and Spirit. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the spirit relates to your morale, and being in the moment. Developing a healthy spirit will keep you full of vitality and your eyes will shine with brightness. To develop a Deep Meditation Practice with Nei-gong understanding these three treasures is essential. 

In order for this to happen many things need to fall in to place.

1- First you will need to develop a strong foundation. This means to be rooted in your movement and your mental weal being.

2- Second you will develop strength to support the training and condition the body increasing your stamina. This also means to build strength in your mind as well. When the mind is strong you will be able to accomplish more and reach deeper levels of practice.
3- Third Flexibility. By keeping the body flexible you will be able to will be able to adjust freely and smoothly through your day.

4- Fourth is developing the ability to become more relaxed. When the body is free of tension it is easier to respond with precision in your movements and focus your efforts and power precisely where it is needed. This relaxation should not only be limited to the bodies’ muscles though. It is equally important to keep the breath and the mind relaxed.

5- Lastly is to develop deeper internal awareness. This is a never ending cultivation and will deepen with years and effort. Having this deeper awareness is where the true beauty of the art lies. By noticing the subtle many things will come bearing fruit. “Like a seed it shall grow and mature blooming with fresh flowers and new fruit.”

Deep Meditation PracticeBy coordinating your foundation, strength, flexibility, relaxation and awareness the benefits you will experience are amazing and have endless possibilities.

• Recover faster from injuries
• Your immune system will get stronger
• Energy and stamina will have endurance like never before
• Strength and power will grow
• Mind-body awareness
• Improved coordination

1. What is Nèi-gōng?

“Nèi means “internal” and gōng means “gōngfū.” Gōngfū (Kung Fu) is any accomplishment or task that takes time and energy to complete. All Chinese martial arts styles include both wàigōng (i.e. external gōngfū) and nèigōng.

Wàigōng consists of training that is visible externally, such as forms, techniques, speed, and power. Nèigōng focuses on building up qì in the lower dāntián, the body’s energy center, and then using the mind to manipulate, lead, and use qì for efficient, effective physical manifestations.

Wàigōng can be thought of as a machine’s performance while nèigōng can be thought of as this machine’s energy supply. Nèigōng and wàigōng must mutually support each other in order for the machine to function at its highest efficiency and output.”

Deep Meditation Practice

When developing a meditation practice you must stay open to new ideas and cultivate your practice with smart choices to help you reach the level you are capable of. To learn how to build a practice or enhance the one you already have the Meditation Mastery Plan is the best tool you will find. Check it out Here and learn how this amazing practice can work for you.

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