How to use visualization in meditation


An essential step for developing the right mindset with your meditation practice is to learn how to use a visualization practice. The use of visualization will help you find the right mental space for the most success with your meditation practice. Visualization and imagery will be used most of the time in these 3 ways 1- internal visualizations 2- external visualizations and 3- setting goals. In order to be successful with visualization and improve your mental imagery first you will need to develop deeper levels of concentration.

To enhance your concentration you will want to set a time to practice. Having a consistent practice time will allow you to focus all of your energy and you will see the best results. That said, as you improve this skill you will find it easier to do. If you are working on a project or have a competition coming up, the more you can see your self succeeding and performing at your highest level, the more likely it is to happen.


When you design your practice sessions, it is good to set a time limit. If you do not set time limits for your practice, especially in the beginning, it can be easy to get distracted. You may worry about interfering with other things you need to accomplish. If you just set a timer for 10-15 minutes, you can let your other concerns go knowing that you set aside enough time for them later.

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One of the most important keys to having a good productive visualization sessions is to be sure you are getting enough sleep. It is difficult to maintain deep levels of focus if we are tired. You will find that you are able to reach deeper levels in your practice when you are not deprived of sleep.


These are the three main visualization strategies we will teach you. Remember, your meditation blueprint may not use these techniques as a primary focus at this current time, but it is good to have these tools at your disposal because you may want to use them in the future.

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1- Internal visualizations can be used many different ways. You can visualize emotional states, relaxation, letting go of stress and generating energy. It can also be used for tapping into isolated energy areas in the body like the lung’s or kidneys. When using visualizations for circulating the energy in the body, you can enhance and store the energy as well as guide it to specific locations for healing.


2- External visualizations are often used to help bring you to a present mental state in your daily activities. Maybe you are trying to focus on your next golf swing, being inspirational and energetic for your presentation, or visualizing how someone else will respond to what you say. All these techniques will help you strategize how to answer most effectively.


3- Lastly, the third strategy you can use is to visualize your goals. Having goals is very valuable to hold you accountable and to keep you growing in a positive direction.

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