Will Meditation Make You a Happier Person?

Will meditation make you a happier?Will meditation make you a happier person? This is a very complex question because it has to start with a reminder about the mind. This is the part of you that has been given to you by society and which can often control your life. Your mind may be the thing telling you that you are unhappy because you are, or are not, something or someone you should, or shouldn’t, be.

It is the thing that clouds the judgment and can allow everything from religious beliefs to societal pressures to create a false sense of unhappiness. This means that in order to find happiness, you have to ask yourself how you will be happy. You must also ask “What is making me unhappy in the first place?” For instance, are you enjoying the work that you do?

If not, you have to first change that. No amount of meditation is going to “solve” the problem of an unhappy or unsatisfactory work life. That is the first step in becoming a happier human being. If you cannot identify and remove the “cause” of your unhappiness then meditation cannot help you, except to offer you a bit of relaxation.

Unhappiness often means that change and transformation are required in order for the individual to become happy. Change is something the mind resists. Just consider how much energy the mind allows us to direct towards unhappiness.

What can we do to find out if meditation will make us happier?

We seek answers from counselors and psychologists. We talk and talk about our many problems and this allows them to grow in size and scale. Unhappiness becomes a very solid anchor, a place that is comfortable. Rejecting this comfort and making happiness your priority is a huge change.

will meditation make you a happierIf, however, you commit to this path, you will see the right direction. This is because you are literally “following your bliss.” No longer will you be content with “waiting and seeing.” Instead, you are going to use meditation to find the face you were born with.

In achieving this pure consciousness you will come to know what it is that will bring you joy and peace. Always remember that the mind lets us wear many masks and the “true self” is going to be unable to recognize you if you are hiding behind that mask. When it is removed through meditation, the door opens to happiness.

This however, is a difficult transition. It is the reason that you must be prepared to make dramatic changes. So, does meditation make you happier? No. Instead, you will find that happiness comes to those who are meditative. This is because they have found their truest selves and have reached a state of consciousness in which they recognize their true path.

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