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Meditation Insights is committed to making the benefits of meditation available around the world. We want everyone to see how meditation empowers lives and helps people achieve their goals. Are you highly motivated to achieve the clear mind, calm focus, stress free results of effective meditation? For those of you with an urgent need or desire one of the accelerated learning, premium packages may be the right choice. Scroll down and read to learn more.

Who We are:

Meditation Insights was created with the belief that anything can be achieved when using your focus, desire and determination. We have found through years of teaching thousands of people how to use meditation that it has the power to strengthen these areas. Now there are many studies that support these findings. What has made our determination so strong to get this information out to everyone who will listen is the hundreds of stories we have heard from people using Meditation Insights. You will see many companies out there claiming to have all of the shortcuts. The truth is for you to experience the benefits of this practice by listening to music or following a magical guided audio is just not going to help you get to deep levels of meditation.

How is Meditation Insights Different?

Meditation Insights will help you discover the basic foundation of meditation and show you how to build on this practice. We will also give you many tools you can use throughout the day to increase your success and let you experience the relaxation, focus and energy of practitioners from around the world. It is true you will not become a master overnight but with this great program you will Immediately start to Experience the many benefits of this great practice.

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We are here to answer any questions. Meditation Insights 13939 NW Germantown Rd. Portland, OR 97231 Email Address:

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