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For Everyone Who Wants To Finally Experience The True Benefits of a Successful Meditation Practice.

It takes Google less than a second to find thousands of scientific studies confirming the benefits of meditation. Most likely you also have friends and family members who practice meditation and are focused, relaxed and seemingly immune to stress as a result.

The jury is in, meditation is amazing!


How can we actually make it work?

Meditation training

We all have the potential for the relaxed ease of a tai chi master; the ultra-focus of a genius; presence that feels like someone turned up the brightness of life; the effortless powerful flow of the elite athlete; and the surging creative drive of the artist.

They are all connected to the power of an unlocked mind.

That potential is there in you. Right now.

The problem is that you already know this. You’ve probably even tried meditation or yoga before. But you got busy, and when you did try to meditate the mental distractions were overwhelming. This is the most common frustration of those who try to practice meditation.

meditation systems

There is a better way.

The Meditation Insights program has been designed to include dozens of meditation techniques and strategies. Our team has spent years of careful study under some of the greatest living masters of the meditative arts and have decades of experience successfully teaching thousands of students from all walks of life. We have taken all of this experience and crafted a streamlined system, which enables you to personalize the right meditation program to help you achieve your individual goals. Our easy to follow program provides you with all of the essential tools you need to get started. We are excited to share this amazing, transformational system with you and the rest of the world.

How you meditate determines the quality of your result. By practicing the Meditation Insights program we guarantee you will get you the results you need.

Let’s look at exactly what this life changing practice involves, but first you might be excited to know…

Seven awesome benefits you can expect from successful meditation.


  • Meditation for a healthy-lifestyle21. Serene, profound relaxation that makes life flow effortlessly.
    Do you have a frantic job? Is your to do list longer than your arm? Maybe your friends and family want a piece too? Studies confirm that meditation releases muscle tension and calms your mind. Like a flame exposed to wax, meditating melts stress out of you. It leaves you clear, refreshed and powered up to take on the day!
    “At the end of the day, I can end up just totally wacky, because I’ve made mountains out of molehills. With meditation, I can keep them molehills.”
    -Ringo Starr
  • eliminating bad-habits with meditation 2. Present state of mind, is the cure for bad habits.

    None of us would willfully choose the habits that limit us. We can even see the solutions to our problems when we are clear headed. Have you ever tried change and failed? …Imagine now the power you will have to shape your life when you are clear-headed and present in each moment!
    “The one thing I want to continue to do is to center myself every day and make that a practice for myself, because I am one thousand percent better when I do.” -Oprah Winfrey
  • inspiration with meditation3. Inspiration always at your fingertips. The creativity to solve any challenge you face professionally or personally.
    Meditation connects you to the source of your creativity. Create breathtaking works of art. Become the lateral-thinking problem solver that is irreplaceable in any workplace by effortlessly pulling the solution to any problem out of thin air. “Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. They’re huge and abstract. And they’re very beautiful.” ― David Lynch
  • deep-connection with meditation4. Deep, genuine connections with the people in your life.
    True social connections with friends and family are essential to a fulfilling, healthy life. Meditation allows us to be tuned in and fully present with the people we care about. It even gives greater connection with those we’ve just met. “One telling study showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. On the flip side, strong social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity” -Psychology Today


  • meditation mudras 5. Transcendent sex with your partner that leaves you trembling for more!
    Go beyond the physical. Meditators generally report that they are more able to connect with their partners and that meditation helps prevent sex with the same partner degrading to “going through the motions.”
    “Meditation has saved my marriage. We were out of touch and unable see each other as we once did. Our therapist recommended trying meditation. After a short time we started to notice each other again. Soon I was excited when my husband and I had time together and our sex life is better now than when we first met.” – Leanne Christensen
  • wealth-success through meditation6. The “secret” to wealth and success..
    CEO’s of fortune 500 companies such as Larry Brilliant of Google, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Ford of Ford Motors, Steve Jobs and many more cite meditation as essential to their success. People who become skilled at mediation experience a calm, stable laser-like focus. This allows them to solve the greatest problems and persist when others become distracted and fail. They are able to live as they intend. “Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one,”  -Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post
  • unique meditation styles7. You are unique. You have the highest purpose for your life.
    Through enhanced self-awareness and self-definition, meditation allows you to leave behind any limitations that have stuck with you over the years. These limitations can often deafen us to our own potential. Meditation will give you the courage, clarity and persistence to find and pursue your greatest passions in life. “You don’t have to believe in meditation for it to work. You just have to take the time to do it. The old truth is still true today, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ My advice? Meditate.” -Russell Simmons


So it’s good to meditate. But, what is actually happening when we do and how do we know if we are doing it right?

time magazine the science of meditationMeditation actually tunes your brain to a different frequency. Many of the meditations you will learn help bring the mind to the Alpha brain wave state: which is a deep and centered relaxation. There are several methods for accomplishing this. You can focus on the sensations of your breath. Chanting can help. In some traditions meditators will focus on images (mandalas).

Whatever road someone takes, the Alpha state is the first goal. (There are deeper states to be found and we will discuss how to use them as well.) Once we get to the Alpha state we will spend some time there to allow our meditation to really do its work. Maintaining that Alpha state is probably the biggest initial challenge to meditation.

Many spend years essentially feeling around in the dark, trying one method then another until they finally stumble across a solution that works for them. Some even go to extremes: silent retreats, monasteries in Tibet, hiking up a mountain to study with a guru.

Many years and thousands of dollars are often spent desperately seeking to find the perfect formula of meditation to fit their life style and help them meet their goals. Unfortunately, many abandon hope during the struggle.

Through our decades of experience with direct one-to-one coaching in the meditative arts a few themes have become clear.

The 5 truths about why your meditation practice is unsuccessful.

distracting-stress with meditation

  • 1- Distracting/Stressful Thoughts
  • 2- Lack of Direction: What Exactly is it supposed to feel like?
  • 3- Physical Discomfort
  • 4- Not Getting Results
  • 5- Difficulty Focusing

People fall back to using unstable crutches like caffeine for focus (until the crash) and music tracks to drown out the mental chatter (unreliable).

Seeing the students we cared about so much struggling with these issues over and over again was unbearable. We knew there had to be a solution.

“Can we deconstruct and simplify decades of training in Zen, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Vispassana and more. Can we make meditation easy to learn? And most importantly, can we make it work for all of our students?”
 meditating buddha-sunset

What if you could learn the core truths of these traditions honed over thousands of years?

What if you could activate the Alpha State with just a few breaths? Anytime, anywhere.

What if meditation can work for you and feel as simple as taking a shower? Something you do simply, effortlessly.

What if you could get all of this without having to spend decades of time and thousands of dollars?

Welcome to Meditation Insights, the heart of meditation refined and simplified.

“Ok, but what exactly is Meditation Insights?”

Meditation Insights is the complete meditation solution to restoring both body and mind. Most meditation systems out there focus just on the mind, even while they preach the importance of the mind-body connection.

The health of the mind is restrained by an unhealthy body.

Physical tension and stagnation leads to mental disturbance and agitation. Until we can clear these issues our meditation will be shackled.

It as easy as breathing in and out. And, you’ll be guided every step of the way. Meditation Insights addresses every aspect of the person by finding and strengthening every weakened link. We will look at what your needs are and recommend the best path for you. This is done with a system that uses all forms of meditation: sitting meditation, moving meditation, mental training, philosophical strategies, resets and breath work.

“What is moving meditation?”

Moving meditation uses slow controlled movements of the body as a tool to focus the mind. By utilizing the mind-body connection you can induce a state of deep calm and relaxed focus. From here different moving meditation techniques are used to achieve any internal state you desire.

Hyper-clear and enhanced physical awareness; improved athletic performance; deeper awareness with an affinity for greater personal connections and unfettered creativity by releasing all the typical daily distractions are just some of the many positive changes you will experience. Martial artists have used branches of these meditative techniques for centuries. Mostly for peak performance, but sometimes even in life and death scenarios where sharp focus is essential and there is no room for error. Many professional athletes also use these skills to maximize their potential.

Taoist monks have been using meditation for ultra-awareness for centuries; and more recently by business executives to maintain the perspective needed for peak performance. While others get stuck in stressful situations, the meditator is able to maintain a state of creativity and ideal choice.

The heart of the Meditation Insights system is based on these three pillars: The Body, The Breath, and The Mind. By developing all three of these areas you can become truly limitless.

The Body:

energetic meditation Training the body is part of the foundation of any successful meditation practice. It begins with restoring good posture and alignment. Without restoring natural alignment we exist in a constant state of instability. This drains our energy and can lead to injury and illness. Try this now. Press up lightly with the crown of your head, look forward and up a few degrees out to the horizon, and take three deep breaths. Go ahead try it…. Improving the body improves the mind and spirit.

After restoring our natural alignment we will progress through sitting meditations and into standing and walking meditations; spinal conditioning exercises developed to strengthen your energy, awareness and health. With Meditation Insights we give ourselves the tools needed to do more than just get by. We learn a system of how to thrive.

The goal is not to have you sitting in solitary meditation for three hours a day. We will help you integrate these practices into your day to day life.

The Mind:

upper dan tien meditation

We all have our own personal perspective. It defines how we view ourselves and determines our response to the myriad opportunities in life. For almost EVERYONE, successful or not, their perspective was determined by chance. Our reactions to formative experiences added together; year after year; the good, bad and ugly all mixed in. Well imagine that you had no limits and could change anything about your behavior and worldview. By training the mind you will learn how to recognize old patterns and move toward desired patterns. Your increased mental awareness will give you the tools to make these changes more effortlessly than ever before.



The Breath:

breathe at ease with meditationThe next stage of this training restores the breath. There is a direct connection between mental/emotional stress and how you breathe. Most of us have developed a Stress-Breath, a habit of shallow and artificially rapid breathing. Simply freeing the breath and developing the positive habit of deep, fluid breathing is a game changer for most people.

From there we explore advanced breathing techniques. We can use these techniques to shift our mental state at will.

  • Hold deep focus for long periods of time.
  • Improve precision.
  • Unlock creativity.
  • Even improve Sexual Performance.

We have refined 30+ years of intensive meditation wisdom that until recently were held secret, and simplified them in into a guided system that can be picked up by anyone to help improve their state of being.

Our goal is to take the thousands of people we have trained in these arts and multiply that number exponentially. A thousand becomes ten, ten becomes a hundred thousand, which becomes a step toward a better world.

The meditation insights system practiced regularly, leads to a healthier and more satisfying life. Like having a live in guru to advise and guide throughout your days. Close your eyes and imagine your life freed from negative habits. Build a vision of your life in harmony with your highest self; one where you always choose the best you in every moment.

Live with clear intention. KNOWING at each moment EXACTLY what you want and being unshakable in your pursuit of that vision.

Radiate positive energy throughout your day. People will read and respond to your enhanced being at a deep, primal level.

That is the Meditation Insights Vision. That is what we are sharing with you.

3 reasons the Mediation Insights system is different from other tools like apps or audios

meditation practice>1. Our hands on experience with thousands of students has led to a tried and tested system. No theories or gimmicks, only techniques that are practical and actionable.
balance with meditation2. Unlike other partial solutions, meditation insights offers a completely personal approach, Helping you to build you own individualize meditation system. A Healthy, Stress Free Body = A Healthy, Stress Free Mind, Creating a cascade of positivity throughout your mind and body.
meditation challenges3. Resolve challenges with our problem-solving guide crafted from the extensive experience of students of all levels and with unlimited access to direct coaching from our online community.



There is a meditation master within you just waiting to be let out.

Try to envision that version of yourself now. Feel the calmness, creativity and the intuition that flows through all aspects of your life. Your relationships are rich and fulfilling. Your body feels vital, sexy and powerful. You overflow with energy, able to create the life you want and give back to those around you.

Picture and feel yourself at that next level you’ve been trying to reach.

Now, there are a few ways you can make this vision a reality:

success through meditation1. Spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month on a good meditation coach if you are lucky enough to find one.
3 minute meditation2. Go through the slow trial and error process and try to find the solutions with hours of experimentation in hopes that you will eventually get it right.
meditation monastery3. Leave behind your life, family and all of your possessions and retreat to some remote monastery on a mountaintop.
Meditation Exercises4. Follow the tried and true Meditation Insights system, simple enough to begin right now, deep enough to create transformational changes at any level in your practice.

Deliberation changes nothing, action does. …And the action of choosing Meditation Insights has no downside! Order it now and put it to the test for a full 30 days. If you are not blown away by how much the system is benefiting you then you will get a full refund.


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meditation 30-day guarantee 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
Try any of our packages absolutely risk free. If you are not satisfied with your results simply return it for a full refund!


What our community has to say:

“Each of the techniques is accessible to anyone, no matter what your experience with meditation might be.”

I am thrilled that I was introduced to Meditation Insights. With this program I have been able to take the steps to develop a more refined and productive meditation practice. The system is easy to follow and implement with clear instructions. Each of the techniques is accessible to anyone, no matter what your experience with meditation might be. By implementing the daily resets and writing down my desired outcomes, I have been able to bring focus to my overall goals and I am already realizing results. My yoga students have also benefited from my experience with this program because the applications translate so well to the practice of yoga. Overall, Meditation Insights has been an invaluable tool in my daily life.

-Ticari Morrison

“Sifu has so much wisdom to share with this meditation, with all his teachings and insights.”

I am so deeply grateful to be learning from Sifu. It isn’t easy to find master teachers, having one in my city is a blessing and a gift. Sifu has so much wisdom to share with this meditation, with all his teachings and insights. Through this meditation he gives us tools to dive deeply within, tools to explore our own inner terrain. Tools and insights that come from a wellspring of knowledge only a master teacher can impart.

Thank you Sifu!!


“I’m looking forward to bringing more of the benefits of Meditation Insights into my life.”

Meditation Insights can be thought of as a vast toolbox for designing a personalized program to achieve your life goals. It presents a varied array of techniques and guides you in choosing a combination that suits your lifestyle and objectives.

I’ve been using these methods under the guidance of Sifu Jeff for four years now and can attest to their effectiveness in helping me become more centered and better manage depression. I’m looking forward to bringing more of the benefits of Meditation Insights into my life.

-Seth L.

“Now I really notice the difference if I get too busy and skip my meditation.”

I became interested in meditation because I suffer from muscle tension and insomnia. There is an overwhelming abundance of evidence supporting the fact that meditation helps increase relaxation and deepen sleep. Despite this, I was never able to stick with a consistent practice. Then I began using Jeff Patterson’s Guided Meditation CD. This CD guides you through a beginning level chest breathing meditation. I found that it was easy to do twenty minutes of sitting meditation when I was concentrating on the sensation of my breath filling my lungs. After about six months of consistently doing this practice twice a day, I approached Sifu Jeff and asked him if he would teach me the next step. My goals were simple: I wanted to sleep well and be free of pain. Sifu taught me a sitting meditation that uses reverse abdominal breathing. This was much more challenging than the chest breathing but after about four months of doing this consistently I could easily do it for thirty minutes a day. I noticed that my breathing was smoother and deeper. I definitely felt calmer and I found that I made better decisions. Sifu then taught me embryonic meditation and this is when I really began to feel some changes. This meditation felt so good that I began to practice for forty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. My muscle tension decreased, and as it did, so did the many aches and pains I suffered from. I was very consistent with my meditation practice and two things happened.

I realized that although some of my insomnia is due to a habit that I had developed after a past trauma; some of it is related to my present situation. My meditation practice helped me to see clearly that I needed to make a change in my life. My insomnia is not completely cured, it is still the way I react to stress, but it is much better and I have a greater sense of control because if I consistently meditate, my sleep is better.

I also discovered, quite by accident, an added benefit of practicing embryonic meditation. A couple of years ago I had been diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus. I was referred to a specialized physical therapist and was taught how to correctly perform “kegels” (contracting the muscles of the perineum) using a biofeedback machine. Despite consistent practice, the kegels didn’t work. My doctor was monitoring the condition, waiting for it to be bad enough to require surgery. But just recently, when I went for my annual checkup, I was pleased to hear that I no longer have a prolapse. My doctor was quite surprised – this is not a condition that cures itself.

Now I really notice the difference if I get too busy and skip my meditation. Meditation has become a permanent part of my life.

Kelly White

“I feel as though I’m am more centered and calm during what would be moments of stress and calamity for others.”

Mr. Patterson’s teaching has helped me achieve a higher level of consciousness in every sense of my well being – whether it be professionally or personally. It’s a way for me tap out of the “daily grind” that feeds stress and anxiety, and whether I take just a minute or an hour to meditate, afterward I feel more relaxed and aware of my surroundings that gives me a sense of deeper connection and positivity. Through a continual practice, I feel as though I’m am more centered and calm during what would be moments of stress and calamity for others.”

Gordon Bell

“Believe me when I say that these practices saved my life. “

I have been studying under Sifu Jeff for over 2 years now. Before I started meditating, I was a mess. My job, living situation, and relationships were all in shambles. I knew I needed a fresh start. I set goals for myself to simplify, but I was still finding myself incredibly scattered mentally. I found the practice to be exactly what I needed. Especially when I found myself diagnosed with testicular cancer, that had spread to the lymph nodes in my spine. Despite a rough bout of chemotherapy, and the stress from a new job, I found I was able to maintain my energy levels and mental control. In fact, the doctors were amazed at how I handled the chemotherapy, and asked me to participate in a study to understand how I could keep up with a full time job and the monstrous side effects of chemotherapy without landing in the E.R. I credit this all to the meditation insights I learned from Sifu Jeff. Believe me when I say that these practices saved my life. I will be using these practices for the rest of my life.

– Brandon Keefe

“I’ve used meditative breathing techniques to reduce stress at work and at home on multiple occasions.”

I’ve been studying meditation with Sifu Jeff Patterson for almost two and a half years. I can’t recommend enough the value of a daily meditation practice. It’s helped me increase my focus and concentration, as well as giving me tools to calm myself in stressful situations. I’ve used meditative breathing techniques to reduce stress at work and at home on multiple occasions. In this day and age we are constantly being bombarded with information and media. Meditation is a great way to unplug and avoid sensory overload. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far with my meditation practice, and look forward to seeing where it takes me in the future.

– Eric Nelson

“Order Sifu Patterson’s meditation series today, and take that first step to becoming the person you wish to be.”

Because it can be difficult to meditate on your own, I strongly recommend using Sifu Jeff Patterson’s guided meditation series. I’ve been practicing meditation with Sifu Patterson for almost two and a half years, and I’ve seen a lot of positive results in my life. This success encourages me to continue and deepen my personal mediation practice.

We all have busy lives, and it’s easy to say “I’ll start my meditation practice tomorrow”. Every journey starts with the first step, and if you truly wish to make positive changes in your life, then you need to start today. Order Sifu Patterson’s meditation series today, and take that first step to becoming the person you wish to be.

What do I have to say about meditation insights? For me it’s been a tool for change. Confidence, clarity of mind, and decisiveness seem to come naturally to some. They did not for me.

The growth I went through was interesting. Breath training changed me almost immediately. Once you’ve experienced being able to control your state of mind and stress level It’s incredible how free you feel. Anxiety and self doubts that faded and then were gone. There was no therapy involved. I wasn’t even directly intending to change those issues. I didn’t even really know they where something you could change. But then, just by learning to pay deeper attention to what’s really happening and learning how to guide my breath and movement my normal state became calm, at ease. I laugh freely now, even in stressful circumstances.

My practice has involved deep breathwork, standing and moving meditation and, right from the beginning, using “resets” to redirect my habits throughout the day. I uses the parts of the system that make the most difference for me. It’s interesting seeing other people create a totally different experience drawing from the same tool kit. That’s part of the beauty of it. My practice evolved with me.

My normal state now is unquestioned belief that I am capable of meeting any challenge. No task or opponent shakes that. I have a deep sense of calm but it’s not contrived. I still get mad, feel grief, frustration, all that good stuff. But now it washes through….

This is all thanks to what I’ve learned from meditation insights. I cannot imagine life without the practice.

-Russell Hatch


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What are the most frequently Asked Questions about Meditation Insights?

Q. How will Meditation Insights help my meditation practice?

A. First remember what meditation is, the practice of shifting your state of consciousness. Your consciousness is a vast and complex thing. Imagine meditation like this: You walk into a dark room and fumble around for a light switch. Easy enough right? Except in reality that light switch you are trying to find is hidden in a massive maze and every step forward the maze changes its pattern. While with the decades of experience synthesized into the Mediation Insights System it’s like having your own personal guide.

We’ve been where you want to go; We make it easy by showing you the way.

Q: How is Meditation Insights different from other programs out there now?

A. There is big difference between a Band-Aid and learning how to avoid being hurt in the first place. A relaxing soundtrack or even biofeedback that teaches you to hold a certain brainwave rhythm is not the same thing as learning to guide and control your mental state; improve your physical performance and emotional well being.

Q. Is Meditation Insights for beginners or experienced meditators?

A. Yes and Yes.

…If you are new to meditation then this system will save you hundreds or even thousands of hours of painful trial and error. It is designed to be clear and easy to implement. Everything is built around developing an active practice and integrating it into your day-to-day life. This is so vital because it is not what you know, but what you do that shapes your life.

For experienced meditators there is often a disconnect between their meditation life and their “real” life. Again, our system is designed to integrate the practice to experience the benefits of the meditation state and apply it to every minute of every day, while showing you the specific tools you will need to over come and obstacles along the way.

Q. I’ve tried meditating before but I just don’t feel like I have the time.

A. We hear this a lot. A lot of people feel bombarded by life. If this is you, then you need it more than most. If you feel as though you are just keeping your head above water in the flood of daily demands, we offer two things. One, it only takes a few minutes and once you’ve primed yourself with these quick sessions your whole day will become your Meditation Insights practice.

Two, Yes you do have time. But if you can’t see it that means you are stuck in a toxic state. All the more reason to take action and start this amazing practice today.

Q. I already practice a meditation system, why should I try another?

A. You wouldn’t be reading this part of the page if you weren’t looking for something more. You don’t have to give up what you are doing now if you enjoy it. Give us a risk free try and let us prove that we are what you are looking for.

Q. Can I really become a meditation master with just a few minutes a day?

A. Is mastering meditation what you really want? Most of us want to feel clear-headed, successful, and calm when we want to. We want to be able to feel more energized throughout the day and have the ability to focus in a present state of mind when needed. The answer is we can accomplish all of that with just a few minutes each day. And when we do rapidly achieve these benefits they provide the foundation to become a meditation master if we really want to.