Are There Any Signs of Spiritual Progress With Meditation?

spiritual progress with meditationThere is no end product in meditation. And, meditation is not meant to bring you to a final destination. Instead, it brings you within sight of your true consciousness. This means that you should not consider measuring spiritual progress with meditation as that can lead to a sense of doubt or confusion.


Consider the following tale:

A man planted a seed and would dig it up each day to measure its progress. His friend told him that this activity would surely prevent the seed from growing, and might even kill it. The friend said that it was only by leaving the seed alone, caring for it, and allowing it time to grow that it would thrive. The seed did grow and flourish. It became a small plant and then a huge tree that offered shade and shelter.
What can you take from this tale? Needing to see signs of progress is a form of doubt that can cause you to whither and fail. If you are to thrive using meditation, you must just “water” your practice daily with meditation and use any techniques needed to eliminate obstacles. Another story:
A man was asked to dig a well. Everyone assumed it would take days on end. Yet, the man was able to complete the work in a day. “How did you do it?” they marveled. In response the man said, “I never stopped to worry about how far I had come or how far I had to go. I just kept digging.”
Now, this story shows us that a journey can have a destination or a completion, but it also tells us that true progress occurs best when it goes unmeasured and unchallenged. Consider how much energy you have when you are not looking around to see how much more is left to do. When you “just do it” there is no doubt, no fence sitting, and no loss of momentum or energy. You are existing in the moment. And, this tells us that the signs of progress can only be looked for in a constructive and “present” manner—not “Oh, look how far I have to go,” but, instead, “Should I increase the pace?”


spiritual progress with meditationAdditionally, your signs of progress are things that manifest on every level of your being. Do you feel calmer, kinder, and less prone to wondering if you like or dislike something? Are you recognizing a lessening of your “desires” for worldly things? Are you feeling joyful for no recognizable reason? These are the most common signs that you are experiencing a growth in your conscious awareness. You must also be on guard against striving too hard to find these things in yourself as this striving serves as an impediment to growth. Rather than wasting time looking for methods of measuring your progress, simply progress.


Spiritual Progress with Meditation will happen when you:

• Meditate and skip the measuring.
• Don’t seek out experiences because you believe you can gain something from them.
• Work at building a grateful heart that dwells within the consciousness.
• Consider if you have the appropriate attitude-one that is striving to move closer to self, to consciousness.
• Beware of a desire for growth and, instead, seek to love yourself and open yourself to awareness.
• Ignore what others say is the sign of progress, those are their “lights and signs.”
• Do not allow the mind to be your master.


Witnessing happens in many different ways, and for many different reasons. You may realize that your life is full of joy one morning and that joy seems to never fade. This is a sign of the consciousness. You may be confronted by a challenge and yet remain totally calm. This too is a sign of growth. The “trick” is to avoid looking too deeply into the experiences you have. This is because such examination is the mind at work. It is a state of “no mind” that leads to progress.


When the mind creates excitement of thought, it is impossible to witness. The “spiritual eye” is considered an energy center. Some also refer to this place as the upper dan tien. This center is located where the pineal and pituitary glands reside in the brain. When you can focus on this area it will quiet the mind and it will help start you on the path towards opening your spiritual eye. Many who discover their “spiritual eye” know that this is a change and view it as a sign of awakening. This may or may not be the case. But, when your meditation brings you to a centered place, it is clearly an excellent moment of joy and a sign of growth.

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