The Meditation Practice Will Fix Me Myth




meditation practice

Sometimes people start a meditation practice thinking that it will fix all mental and physical problems magically. This could not be further from the truth.

Everything has a learning curve. Whether you are learning to ride a bike, sing a song or pick up salsa dancing when you start you do not immediately reap the benefits of the activity.

A common problem that many people have is that they will try something once and if it is not easy they will start looking for a list of excuses as to why they cannot do it.



I don’t have the time

I am distracted too easily

I can’t relax because…

I have never been able to do that

They can do that because…

I am not like them

And the list goes on.


It is easy for people to come up with reasons why they fail or are not good at something. This gives them something to blame rather than looking for the solution making it easier for them to accept.


meditation practice

Meditation Practice does not just make all of this go away…




This is ok. Meditation is expanding your awareness and opening up your minds to see things from many different perspectives. Remember when you were a child seeing things from a different view? Maybe you were watching a butterfly flying through the air noticing every flap of the wings as it flew from one branch to another. As it moved through the air you noticed every background image coming in and out of sight. This was truly experiencing the moment.

Meditation will help you to find more of these moments in your life. Having this calm present focus will help you to see things happening on a subtle level, where if needed they are easier to guide and influence in a positive direction.

The practice of becoming mindful-being present and aware of what is happening in our minds-is freeing.

As you start to see how the mind responds in different situations and your awareness is heightened. It will become easier to understand and navigate sensations, emotions and thoughts more skillfully.

Use meditation to understand and build your awareness and you will find that while it is not a miracle drug it will offer endless benefits on all levels.




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