5 Reasons to Start Meditation Now

buddha-sunset start meditation1- Create a deeper sense of awareness

Meditation expands your internal awareness helping you to fully experience the present moment. So much of our time is caught up in the hustle of our busy lives that we rarely get to enjoy the moment.

Remember when you were a child and the days seemed to last forever? Kids naturally live more in the present than most adults. Their minds are not distracted by the many obligations, relationship maintenance and anticipation of the future to come. It used to be so simple to notice the smell of the spring flowers and feel the heat from the summer sun.

Meditation helps you to be more in touch with the present. You will find it easier to enjoy life and all of the small gifts it presents us with everyday.

2- Build and maintain a positive outlook on life

Meditation has the power to guide us towards a natural positive mental and emotional existence. The benefits you receive from your practice will generate momentum as your meditation practice evolves.

This positive mental state helps us to live enthusiastic, healthy and productive lives. A great side effect of cultivating meditation in to your life is that those around you are affected as well. They feed off your positive vibrations and your relationships will reach a deeper more meaningful existence.

3- Sleep well and experience a deep, profound dream life.

Meditation will enhance the quality of your sleep and you will experience vivid dreams. Having the ability to bring yourself to the present moment will help you find relaxation. Often if you are having difficulty sleeping it is due to your mind racing here and there thinking about your to do’s or how to solve a problem that is on your plate.

Of course meditation will not make your problems and to do’s go away, but laying in bed worrying about them will not solve them either. When meditation helps you to let go of mental distractions and lets you find deeper more relaxed sleep you will be more productive often discover new solutions then next day.

4- Have more energy and get more accomplished with less time

Being able to let go of distractions will alleviate stress, which can be a huge drain on your energy levels. When learning how to use the many different methods of meditation to build the best meditation practice you will start to experience deep and relaxed breathing.

Often we get tired and perform shallow breathing. Shallow breathing comes from daily stresses, bad posture and lack of physical activity. Meditation will teach you many different breathing strategies building your awareness of the breath so you can maintain a solid relaxed breath all day long. This awareness of the breath will give you more energy and a positive outlook.

Of course if you have more energy you will get more accomplished. One of the biggest differences between someone who is highly productive and someone who has a hard time finishing tasks is the ability to focus. The most common productivity killer is mental distractions. Meditation will help you to focus by staying present and accomplishing what is at hand.

pebbels start meditation5- Improve physical and mental health

We have already touched on how cultivating a meditation practice expands your awareness. This awareness will help you to be more in tune with your body and notice the subtle cues from your body that are often missed. Not being aware of these signs can sometimes lead to other problems later down the road. Having this communication between the body and mind highly tuned will guide you to make the necessary adjustment helping you to maintain comfort, ease and focus.

Just like with the body when you meditate your thoughts and emotional reactions are easier to keep in balance because of your expanded awareness. For example: often when we get upset we have an initial negative thought that leads to another and then another this momentum of negativity builds fast and pretty soon it becomes hard to control.

The expanded awareness that comes from meditation will often give you the power to notice the first negative thought that begins to bring us unbalance. Being clear of this distraction as it is happing makes it much easier to change the direction to a positive resolve.

So how can you start meditation to build a practice of your own?

To try meditation or deepen your practice just enter your name and email to the right and we will send you three free video lessons to help you get started with building your own personalized meditation program.

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