There Are 1440 Minutes In The Day Are You Using Them Wisely?

Meditation locationsIf you are following this blog you have seen many examples of how the benefits of meditation are enhancing peoples lives. You have also heard me say before that peoples biggest excuse not to meditate is that they do not have enough time. How many minutes every day do you sit in front of the TV, on Facebook or surfing the web? Most who say they do not have the time just need to prioritize what it is that they are doing with their time.

We have looked at some active meditations in previous blog posts that take as little as 2-3 minutes that you can work in to your day and will offer many benefits. Sometimes these active meditations can be used as a gateway to building a more in depth meditation practice.

Meditation offers so many benefits that once you have a glimpse of how powerful this practice can be you will find the desire to make space for meditation and build a practice in to your day. The difficulty is that, like most things in life that have any value it is not like a light switch that you can turn on and all of sudden you are now a meditation master.

It takes time and energy to develop a deep practice. That said you will experience benefits along the way and that is part of the beauty of the practice.

Meditation is meant to be a life practice and when used this way will help you with EVERYTHING you do. Some of the most common benefits of meditation include:

1- Bringing more happiness in to your life.

2- Reducing stress

3- Increasing your health

4- Boosting your social life

5- Help you to build a precision focus

6- Expand your awareness

7- It increases your wisdom and helps you to build perspective

8- Helps you to get deep uninterrupted sleep

9- Gives you the power to overcome depression

There are so many ways this practice can benefit your life. If for any reason you are still not a believer in the benefits of meditation do a search online for meditation testimonials. You will find thousands and thousands of people from all over the world giving testament to how amazing this practice is.

Another common misconception I hear about why people do not meditate is that they think it will conflict with their religious beliefs and that God will help them with everything they need. What ever your religion is meditation will only enhance your ability to find a deeper connection with your beliefs and become closer to god.

Meditation is not meant to detour you from and spiritual beliefs. If you meditate you will become more in tune with your body, mind, emotions and awareness allowing you to become more rooted and see deeper and more profound levels of anything you are interested in.

In the last thirty years societies views on meditation have slowly changed and meditation is becoming more and more accepted but you do not have another 100 years to figure out that this is a great practice. You are here now and can embrace meditation at many different levels to help get more out of life.

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Be well

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