Build your Immune system increase your energy and reach deeper levels of meditation

Increase your energy Increase your energy. Abdominal massage is a simple practice that will deliver fast and powerful benefits. By using massage and breathing techniques you will become more energized, fight off sickness and increase your awareness of energy circulation in the body.

Abdominal massage is a technique using the false dan tien to generate energy that you can lead to other areas in the body. The false dan tien is the front area of your stomach. The reason it can be a good place to generate energy is that there are six layers of muscle, fat and fascia. The fascia being a good conductor of energy and the muscle being a poor conductor it is like a naturally built human battery.

Once the energy is accumulated in the false dan tien you can lead the energy to your real dan tien located in the center of your abdomen. It is basically your large and small intestines. This is the main energy center in the body and can store high levels of energy when conditioned.


The Ultimate Detox: Qigong

The Ultimate DetoxThe Ultimate Detox. It seems like there is always some new fad over how to “Lose Five Pounds Fast!” or “Get Clear Skin with this Juice Cleanse Diet!” Over and over, so-called miracle regimens and pills promise to give you something that you have to work for: good health.

The human body is so incredibly complex and just plain finicky–one problem always seems to lead to another. I mean, who has time to actively focus on strengthening or improving the whole thing? What workout routine emphasizes your kidneys, or lymphatic system? Qigong. That’s what.

The Ultimate Detox


Using Nei-gong to Develop a Deep Meditation Practice

A Deep Meditation Practice with Nei-gong. Nei-gong is a traDeep Meditation Practiceditional Chinese art of developing more Qi (energy) and increasing your bodies circulation of Qi. Consistent practice of Nei-gong is part of the process of internal alchemy and resulting in the cultivation of the “Three Treasures”.
The Three Treasures are Essence, Energy and Spirit. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the spirit relates to your morale, and being in the moment. Developing a healthy spirit will keep you full of vitality and your eyes will shine with brightness. To develop a Deep Meditation Practice with Nei-gong understanding these three treasures is essential. 

In order for this to happen many things need to fall in to place.

1- First you will need to develop a strong foundation. This means to be rooted in your movement and your mental weal being.


Why is Standing Meditation an Essential Development Tool For Martial Arts and Health?

standing meditation portlandWhether you are practicing a martial art or any form of meditation for health having a good root (the ability to be grounded physically and mentally) is an important for becoming an accomplished practitioner. Standing meditation is an essential key to developing the ability. When your root is strong you will be solid physically, mentally and emotionally.
The average person will have a very hard time trying to disturb you or take you out of your rhythm. There are many ways one can develop a strong root with internal training. We will discuss some of them here to point you in the right direction with your practice.
In order to have a strong root we need to remain flexible. Especially with the lower half of the body. The ankles, knees, hips and waist need to move freely in order to maintain a solid root. This will give you the ability to adjust your angles while your root is solid. Also remaining flexible will allow you to travel or move the feet while staying rooted.
The next important area is your breath. Correct breathing will allow you to maintain a stronger root and go deeper in to your meditation training. By having a solid foundation you will be able to yield more effectively. This will give you more power in your strikes, control in your locking and the ability to stay relaxed so your response time will be the most efficient.
Having a solid root will also give you the strength to maintain a balanced mental and emotional state. This will let you have the power to respond with awareness and precision.


A Good and Moral Life Through Meditation

Moral life through MeditationA Moral life through Meditation

According to Plato the human soul strives for three things: wisdom, conquest and gratification. Plato believed that a righteous life is controlled by reason and all three of these elements help one to live a good moral life. Plato’s metaphor of humans living chained in a dimly lit cave facing a blank wall with fire at our back, means to see the truth of reality one needs to turn away from the wall and its shadows escaping the cave.
“Anyone who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light,” Plato commented.
You will often here the comments “I see the light” or “That was an enlightening moment”. Having a moment of clarity and witnessing a true reality offers a solid foundation for making the right choice to create a good and moral life. (more…)